Why Should You Get A Cover For Your Offroad Caravan?

There are almost as many opinions about caravan covers as there are caravan owners. Not everybody is convinced of the benefits of a good quality cover for their RV. However, there are others who swear by the protection offered by caravan covers.

A caravan is expensive and you have paid a lot of money for that bright and shiny home away from home. A cover is an additional purchase but goes a long way in keeping things safe and secure.

In today’s blog post, we’ll cover the many advantages of investing in a good quality and durable caravan cover and how to choose the right one.

1. UV Protection

The biggest advantage of investing in a cover is the UV protection it offers. The paintwork on the exterior of your RV won’t look as shiny or bright after a few years if you do not protect it and the best way to protect it is a caravan cover.

Keep in mind that external paint is not just meant for looks but it also prevents moisture from eating through the metal and plastic underneath.

2. Prevent Scratches

If you would like to protect the exterior of your caravan from scratches caused by road debris, a good quality cover is your best option. Make sure it has a proper fit.

3. Keep It Safe from Prying Eyes

As discussed earlier, a caravan is an expensive purchase and caravan thefts are not as common as car thefts but it does happen. Thieves are always on the lookout for anything that looks expensive and a cover can help you keep your caravan concealed when you’re not using it.

4. Protect Those Rubber Seals

If you’re concerned about the rorting rubber seals on window sills, a cover can help you avoid that outcome.

How to Choose the Right Caravan Cover

Caravan covers are not cheap. Before you spend a few hundred dollars, it is important for you to know everything there is to know about buying the right caravan cover.

1. Measure It Right

Make sure the cover is the right style for your caravan type. Covers are available in various sizes and you should choose one that fits your caravan perfectly. You always have the option of buying a custom-built cover as that would offer a snugger fit.

2. Waterproof

In most cases, the top of the cover is waterproof but the sides are water resistant. It is recommended to buy a breathable cover as the moisture inside needs a way to escape.

3. Material Type

If the caravan covers flaps, it might scratch acrylic/plastic windows on your caravan. The best way to prevent that from happening is to ensure a snug fit to prevent flapping. Many covers come equipped with adjustable straps to allow you to get a snug fit.

4. Quality matters

There are cheaper covers but those covers are cheap for a reason. You will eventually end up paying more money than you thought if you keep buying lesser brands. Reputed brand costs more but also last much longer.

Final Thoughts

Overall, not everyone is convinced of the need to invest in a caravan cover but if you are serious about protecting your RV, it’s better to spend a few hundred dollars. A proper caravan cover with a snug fit will protect the exterior of your RV from harmful UV rays, keep it safe from prying eyes and give you peace of mind.

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