When do you need a divorce lawyer in Montgomery?

If you look online for information on divorce law in Alabama, you would be overwhelmed to find endless resources. At a time when you are contemplating ending your marriage, you need sound legal advice and not a bunch of articles. Working with a divorce lawyer Montgomery, AL will only benefit your case. Lawyers do much more than just handing the forms and paperwork. While you can initiate the process independently, you must be sure of every step. In this post, let’s find the situations when hiring a divorce becomes necessary.

Looking at the key reasons

  • If your spouse has been abusive or has threatened to harm you or the kids, get in touch with an attorney without any delay. When essential, your lawyer can get a restraining order.
  • You should also engage an attorney if your spouse has a history of substance abuse or child abuse to protect your rights.
  • Hiring a lawyer becomes even more important when your spouse has done the same. If the other party is doing everything possible to guard their interests, you must consider leveling the playing field.
  • You should also hire a lawyer if you believe your spouse is planning to hide assets, destroy property, or misuse funds that you jointly own.
  • It is also wise to lawyer up when you and your spouse have considerable assets. Alabama allows for equitable distribution of marital assets, but you need someone to defend your interests.

Dealing with the divorce

No matter how objective you are, the divorce will take a toll on many things, including family dynamics and your financial status. When it comes to the child custody battle and other aspects like seeking spousal support, it can be hard to see things objectively. Also, if you are not on talking terms with your spouse, you will need to find a way to bridge the gap so that the divorce doesn’t end up in court. An attorney can be your biggest resource for understanding things better. You can expect the lawyer to offer advice on key issues and assist during the negotiation and mediation process.

How much do divorce lawyers charge?

Many law firms and divorce lawyers in Montgomery charge a flat fee for uncontested and no-fault divorces. You only pay a fixed remuneration for the lawyer’s work, which can be higher if the divorce involves child custody, alimony, and child support.

Call an attorney before you file for divorce.

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