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When you’re looking for a towing vehicle, one of the most important factors is the wheelbase. A wheelbase is the distance from the front axle of the towing vehicle to its rear axle. Having a longer wheelbase means you’ll be able to tow more weight with your trailer without worrying about it weighing down the front axle. Also, a longer wheelbase will give you more space to maneuver around in crosswinds.

A longer wheelbase also means a more stable vehicle. For example, a small car that can only tow up to 7,000 pounds may not be able to tow a horse or a long travel trailer. A larger SUV, on the other hand, is able to tow a heavy horse and its tack room and gear with ease. However, if you’re hauling a horse or a boat with a long travel trailer, you will need a longer wheelbase.

Another benefit to a longer wheelbase is the increased stability of the truck. A short wheelbase vehicle is subject to side forces on the hitch that can cause the trailer to sway. In contrast, a long wheelbase vehicle has a shorter angle away from the straight ahead. Longer wheelbase trucks are better for towing as they are able to handle uneven pavement better. Also, a long wheelbase truck will not be affected by uneven pavement as much as a short bed vehicle does.

In addition, a long wheelbase is better for tight trails. If you have a short wheelbase, it will be more difficult to fit a camper in tight spaces. Short wheelbase trucks will also have less cargo space, which limits their ability to tow. Additionally, they’ll limit the capacity of a camper or roof top rack. On the other hand, a long wheelbase truck will be able to tow more weight without problems.

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