Is shaving foam necessary?

Even today there are electric shavers that support both dry and wet shaving. Many times, men choose dry shaving that is convenient and quick. especially in the morning or during rush hour But that doesn’t negate the importance of wet shaving. Because wet shaving gives you the ultimate smoothness. make you feel fresh and clean And of course, shaving products are also needed. For a close shave and reduce irritation that may arise from shaving. No worries about burning your skin after shaving.

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Nowadays, shaving products are available in cream, foam, and gel formulations. no more stinging Other features have also been added. Enter for additional results such as moisturizing effects. results in reducing the likelihood of acne, etc. To find the right shaving product, you must choose the type that is suitable for your skin type and problems.

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Nivea Men Deep Shaving Foam

Shaving foam that comes with 2 in 1 innovations in addition to protecting the skin from shaving. This results in a smooth and close shave. There is also a mixture of Black Charcoal to help absorb dirt, oil and bacteria that will flow back into the pores. Helps clean skin deeply Reduce the chance of acne 

Gillette Fusion Proglide Gel Shaving

A cooling shaving gel with menthol to refresh and cool the skin during use. Comes with innovation to help soften the hair after shaving and smooth the skin. It is also a gentle formula that effectively reduces irritation after shaving masstamilan.

Gatsby Shaving Gel Moist Type

This clear shaving gel contains hyaluronic acid to restore moisture to the skin. Keeps skin hydrated, smooth, and not rough. The smooth gel texture also softens the hair, making it easier to shave and reducing friction that may occur while shaving. Comes with an aqua-citrus scent that helps you feel refreshed.

Lush Dirty Shaving Cream

A shaving cream that, in addition to providing a perfectly clean shave It also contains oat milk, shea butter, safflower oil, and honey, which soothe irritated skin and soften it. which can be absorbed into the skin quickly does not make you feel greasy

Elemis Ice-Cool Foaming Shave Gel

Soft, silky shaving foam that softens hairs for an effortless shave. With a mixture of oak bark (Oak Bark), witch hazel (Witch Hazel) and aloe vera. Soothes skin after shaving For results that are smooth, soft and refreshing, can be used for all skin types.

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