Is Jobs to Careers Legit?

How do you tell if an email you receive is a scam? Most scams send out emails that contain obvious spelling and grammar mistakes and a false sense of urgency. Legitimate companies won’t pressure applicants into accepting their job offers right away. These emails usually also contain vague job descriptions and use email domains that belong to popular service providers. It’s important to be very careful when responding to emails from unfamiliar sources.

When applying for a job, be sure to confirm the contact information of the company. A fake website may ask for your social security number or personal bank account number, or even ask for a large fee. Be wary of such websites. Legitimate employers won’t ask you to pay for the job. You may also want to talk to someone you trust to get their opinion. Make sure the company has an online presence and is active on social media.

Fraudulent job posting websites are very common on the Internet, and they take advantage of eager job seekers by posting fake jobs. While legitimate websites are trying to prevent them from doing so, they can be fooled by the fake websites. Sometimes, they use professional-looking websites and legitimate employers may use these as a front to lure you into giving them your information. If you’re looking for traditional job opportunities, look somewhere else.

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