Is Cancer Increasing in the US?

Is cancer increasing in the US? These are two related questions that plague the country. If the answer to one of them is yes, then why is the other one not? There are a number of reasons for this, but the two major causes are largely the same – smoking and the aging Baby Boomers. In addition, lung cancer is becoming increasingly more common as the baby boomers age. Even though the age-adjusted lung cancer death rate has fallen over the past two decades, the overall cancer death rate has increased.

While adults have become more educated about cancer, adolescents remain a distinct population when it comes to the disease. These people are in a transitional stage of their lives, starting careers and making new relationships. Because they are less financially stable than older adults, they are also less likely to have health insurance coverage. While this is not the only factor contributing to this alarming trend, it does indicate that cancer is on the rise in this group.

The increase in cancer incidence is largely due to the age of the US population. The Baby Boom cohort is comprised of people born between 1946 and 1964. This group will be the oldest cohort in the US by 2029. In addition to the age-related increase, Newshunttimes there are improvements in early detection, which have increased five-year survival rates. In fact, a person will live longer if they get a cancer diagnosis sooner rather than later.

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