Interesting information for those who want to create a brand of CBD cosmetics.

CBD Cosmetics have been a fascinating product this year, but many people may need to become more familiar with what CBD extract is and how it is functional. CBD Competes Today, MEDIOS will bring everyone to know more about CBD extracts and CBD cosmetics.

What is CBD extract?

Before we know CBD cosmetics, the most important thing we should know is what CBD extract is and where it comes from. Let’s find out.

(Cannabidiol, CBD) is a component obtained from the extraction of cannabis or hemp?

CBD shop, although extracted from hemp or hemp but not classified as a drug Because it is a substance that does not affect the nervous system—not intoxicated. Many people use it as an ingredient in herbal products, drugs and cosmetics.

Benefits of CBD Extract

Many people are probably wondering why CBD cosmetics are becoming popular and are used to create cosmetic brands such as creams, serums or balms with CBD extract. What are the benefits of CBD extract? Let’s see.

CBD extraction helps protect nerve cells, resist seizures, and reduce pain and has a stress-relieving effect. But does not result in intoxication or cause addiction

The benefits in terms of beauty. It helps in reducing inflammation and soothes red and irritated skin. It helps to balance the oil in the skin, including helping to fill and maintain moisture in the skin.

It is these benefits that make CBD extract widely used in cosmetic products.

Legislation on the use of CBD extract in cosmetics

Knowing if anyone is interested in building a CBD cosmetics brand is essential. Legislation on the use of CBD extract in cosmetics: CBD extract is a substance extracted from hemp and hemp. Therefore, we must study the information before planning to build a CBD shop.

We have summarized the information from Notification of the Ministry of Public Health Re: Use of Cannabidiol-Containing Extracts from Hemp and Hemp in Cosmetics B.E.

  1. CBD extracts or cannabidiol-containing extracts from cannabis and hemp extracts must contain THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, not more than 0.2%.
  2. Do not import raw materials, CBD extracts obtained from the extraction of cannabis or hemp, and cosmetics containing such substances for use in cosmetic purposes.
  3. Do not use synthetically derived CBD extracts.
  4. The highest concentration of CBD extract in all types of ready-to-use cosmetics is at most 1%.
  5. Do not use CBD extract in oral products. or products used in hidden areas.
  6. Ready-to-use cosmetics in oil form or soft gelatin capsules must contain THC, not more than 0.001%.

Another critical piece of information when building a CBD cosmetic brand is labelling products containing CBD-based extracts. Announcement of the Cosmetics Committee Re: Labels of Cosmetics Containing Ingredients Cannabidiol-containing extracts from cannabis and hemp, 2021 To show a warning on the label as follows:

  1. All kinds of products except for oil or soft gelatin capsules
  • 1.1 The product may cause an allergic reaction or irritation.
  • 1.2 If there is any abnormality after using it, stop and consult a doctor or pharmacist.
  1. Products in the form of oil or soft gelatin capsules

2.1 Do not eat

2.2 The product may cause allergy or irritation.

2.3 If there is any abnormality after using it, stop and consult a doctor or pharmacist.

  1. Show the cannabidiol concentration on the label as a percentage by weight (weight by weight).

Build a brand of CBD cosmetics

CBD shop produce products that are herbal products or cosmetics containing CBD extracts, and they have examples of products that contain CBD extracts that we have been producing to recommend to everyone as an option or idea for those who are interested in building a brand.

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