How to Choose the Right Outdoor Aid for Your Kitty Cat?

How to take my cat outdoors? It is a common question most cat parents have. If you are a cat owner sharing the same concerns, consider using a cat stroller or leash. With the right cat equipment, your furry feline can safely enjoy its time outdoors.

Another important thing to reflect on here is how to know what suits your furball. To answer this, we ask you to assess your fluffy feline’s needs for the sole purpose of heading out. Your munchkin can confront several risks when unrestrained outside.

For instance, a kitty can be vulnerable to flea or tick attacks, bump into large animals, chase poisoned rodents in the neighbor’s yard, and much more. Many dangers lurking outside can pose a threat to your munchkin’s health and happiness.

So, consider buying a stroller or leash to ensure outdoor pet safety and kitten insurance in NZ to manage unpredictable adverse health scenarios. Cat insurance allows you to provide your fluffy fur ball top-notch medical assistance during accidents, injuries, cat health emergencies, and more.

In the meantime, read this article to learn the usage, pros, and cons of the cat aids mentioned above.

1.Cat strollers


They are much like baby strollers. Kitty stays inside this basket with a protective mesh or covers, only allowing it to see and breathe. This way, your furball gets a dose of fresh air and mental stimulation while being in a guarded environment.

The basket must be large enough to accommodate your fur ball. If you have two cats, check if there is sufficient space for both to sit, stand, and sleep in the stroller.


  • Kitty is safer during outdoor walks and traveling.
  • Provides more storage.
  • Kitty can find the enclosed space comforting and safe.


  • Sometimes kitty cats easily tear the mesh.
  • More expensive than a leash.

2.Cat leashes


It may be safer to use a cat harness with a leash as frisky felines can easily slip out of some collars. A cat harness secures your fluffy fur baby and allows it to move around freely within the leash boundaries. Before purchasing, check various products to find the best fit harness for your kitty cat. It must be snug but not too tight. When your cat wears it, you must be able to introduce two fingers under the harness comfortably. Plus, an ideal leash must be tough and lightweight.


  • Kitty can interact with the environment directly.
  • It offers the kitty freedom to move.
  • Less expensive than strollers.


  • Your cat is more exposed to outside dangers.
  • Some kitties don’t approve of using it.

Depending on the traveling scenarios and your feline fur baby’s preferences, decide which one you want to buy. Also, cat leash training requires much patience and cooperation from both sides. While it is comparatively easy to get a furry baby used to the stroller, remember that kitty might find both of them strange initially.

These cat aids can reduce on-road risks for your fluffy feline. However, they can’t completely eliminate them. It is one reason why you must consider purchasing Kitten insurance NZ. Cat insurance helps support your furry pet with testing and treatments during non-routine vet visits, specific illnesses, dental, and unexpected medical conditions based on the level of cover you choose. So, consider buying the best-fit pet plan for your furry buddy.

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