Get to know silicone breast augmentation.

Currently, silicone breast implants have been developed to be more durable and natural. When the breast augmentation is done, it will look very close to the real breast. Many brands have developed to be more secure. Today we will take you to get to know the silicone breast augmentation brands. used by breast surgery clinics. Before doing breast surgery, girls should find out about the silicone that we will use first as well. Because silicone must stay in our body for a long time.

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Let’s explore the differences of each brand of silicone breast augmentation.

1. Sebbin

It’s a French silicone. Certified for quality internationally through standardized production Has a reputation for more than 27 years, certified by the French Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Medicines. Many clinics like to use this brand of silicone as an option for customers because the price is not very high and good quality. The base is not very wide. Suitable for small girls who want their breasts to have a plump look.

2. Silimed

Brazilian silicone breast augmentation Certified by the US FDA, this is another brand that clinics prefer because of its affordable price. Silimed is very dense. The shape of this silicone model has a very wide base. and is flat very little rush Suitable for big girls with a wide chest base or have some original breast meat and want to have a natural breast shape that is fit, doesn’t crease, doesn’t block

3 .Euro

French silicone Certified for quality and standards from France May not be as popular as American silicone. But the quality is not inferior to anyone. The price is also at an affordable level. The shape of the splash bass is not very wide. Suitable for girls who like bust shape, not sideways, or girls who are small, narrow chest base, small breasts. It is another quality option.

4. Mentors

It is a brand that is very popular. American nationality has a long history which has been continuously innovated and developed in style and quality Certified by the US FDA. The shape has a wide base. moderate rush Suitable for girls with a wide chest base. and like nature This brand is very safe. Because it is known for its durability. Difficult to break and leak Inside the silicone bag is a dense gel. provide high flexibility The silicone will maintain its shape without distorting. Even if there is a tear And there is also a guarantee of quality that is guaranteed for a lifetime.

5. Motiva

Silicone gel, a new innovation that is very popular in Korea. It has been verified and confirmed by the FDA as safe silicone. Produced with the latest technology, Nano Texture surface has a smooth, semi-smooth-sand-sand texture. like velvet provides high flexibility It can help reduce the size of the surgical wound to be smaller. The shape has a splash and can move naturally according to our body, soft touch, like real breasts The silicone is round. But after the breast augmentation, the breast will be in a teardrop shape. give natural beauty There is also an implanted version that stores the information of your breast surgery. It also inhibits the formation of cystic fibrosis. I can’t see the silicone edge even in those with thin skin. and soft touch without massage Made from premium grade materials, the price is higher than others.

If anyone is not sure which type of silicone breast implants to choose to suit their body shape. You can consult with a surgeon before breast augmentation. and after breast augmentation Don’t forget to call for a silicone box from the clinic. with the warranty card that comes in the box and must specify the series number To confirm that it is a genuine silicone breast augmentation

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